Get the perfect branding for your business

Get the perfect branding for your business

Whether you’re DIY’ing your brand & web design, or investing in a professional to create a brand for your business, you should understand what your perfect branding is and how it can help you connect with clients on an emotional level. Your branding is usually a big deciding factor if clients will use you or not – obviously it’s not the main thing because your offer, messaging etc. Needs to serve your business as well, but it certainly helps a great deal!

Even though most people tend to try to separate emotion and business, emotion is such an important part of every business whether people want to accept it or not. If you stop and think about any client that you’ve worked with in the past, especially those you loved working with, you probably connected on an emotional level. 

Most of us make our decisions emotionally first and then our brain comes up with a logical reason to justify those emotional decisions. So it makes sense that connecting with your potential clients on an emotional level would be an essential part of your business. If your branding speaks their language, they are likely to be more attracted to what you offer.

If you can figure out how to make an emotional connection with your clients, you’ll be able to take potential clients and turn them into paying clients.


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You’ll be in a position to work with people who join with you on a deeper level and you’ll be in a position to show up in your business to truly connect with and serve your clients.

I always tell my clients that their perfect branding is a blend between who they are, what they do, what they like, and what their client likes, and what they need.

First, you have to know your ideal client. The ins and outs. You have to know not just what they need, what they want to buy, what it looks like, how they act…you have to get into their minds and know what they read, where they go, where are they online, what colours they are attracted to…

Usually I take my clients on a discovery journey to first figure out who their ideal client is before we design…You can’t have neon yellow branding with masculine fonts and want to sell to new mom’s, for example. I guess you can if your messaging is right and very specific, but that is not what most of them wants to see. For new moms I would rather suggest lighter colours – you can have some fun with this audience.

Now that you have some background info, how can you start moving your brand in the right direction?

Tell more relevant stories

Working stories into your business with your website, social media and email marketing, is more important than you think. People connect with stories, they identify with stories. That is what will make a potential client see you as a person they want to work with, as opposed to a faceless business online. Keeping your ideal client in mind, how can you start telling stories in your business that they can identify with and ultimately help them “bond” with your brand?

Add some personality, baby!

Envision a venn diagram of your personality mixed with the core emotional desires of your ideal client. What’s the middle ground here? How are these things overlapping? Those details are the personality you can add to your brand. Maybe it’s a bright color pop. Or some pattern or illustration that adds a different element to your brand.

It might be in your copywriting (bold & sassy) or your photos (earthy & grounded). Adding personality to your brand is another way to make your business feel relatable to your ideal client.

Make sure your messaging and visuals tell that story too

The most obvious way to infuse your business with emotional branding is in the branding itself, of course!

Branding is so much more than your logo…

Your colors, fonts, images, logo, website layout, social media feed design, as well as other branding elements that work together to give your potential clients a sense of experience. Have a look at your current brand and ask yourself, “How does it feel? What’s the vibe here? “If that doesn’t match the emotions of your ideal clients, it’s probably time for a rebrand.

And I want to encourage you to take the time and do proper research on your target audience and how to connect with them as part of your branding journey – you won’t regret it!

Need some help?

If you are ready to embark on a new brand journey, let’s have a chat :).

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