How important is responsive web design really?

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How Important is responsive web design really?

Did you know that on average, your website is more likely to be viewed on mobile than on computers? That is why responsive web design is so important! A HUGE 80% of our website’s visitors are visiting the website on their mobile phones! How crazy is that?

So, what is responsive web design?

A website with responsive web design will automatically adjust/respond to the type of device or the screen size being used to access the site. Information at your fingertips!

Improved UX

As a business owner, your goal is to improve your visitor’s experience. Having a responsive web design you make it easy for your visitors to access all content they want or need at any time, regardless of the device they are using.

Better SEO Ranking, uhh yes!

Google loves a responsive website. Since having a single URL makes it easier for Googlebot to crawl the website. Google also gauges the quality of the content. Having one website and not a separate mobile site will leave all the information in one place, making it easier to keep track of your analytics.

Faster Load Times

These days people don’t have time, everything is rushed and people are in a hurry, which means that they don’t have time for a website to load either. The faster the website, the happier the user. Ideally, your website should load on a mobile device under or around two seconds. The best thing about responsive websites is they load faster on any size screen, and can handle the content transition efficiently.

Social Media Sharing

Online users will interact with your website content and share your links through social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, which are also accessible via a wide range of devices. Your website is not responsive, you might potentially lose out a significant number of organic leads for your business.

If you spend some money on a responsive web design, it will surely pay off in the long term.  And in all honesty, it’s really not that expensive, but your whole website – the desktop/pc version as well, needs to be designed to keep mobile in mind, so do keep that in mind when designing your website.

The general rule of responsive testing is to keep everything in one or two columns preferably, if you add more columns it might not be as legible as it should be to your visitor, and that is an important factor.

If your interest is sparked and you really want your website to be responsive, please do contact us for a quote.

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