Is it really worth going cheaper?

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So you just received a quote and you’re asking yourself, “Why is this so expensive?”. Chances are, it’s not!

Web design, logo design, graphic design, illustration, web development etc. takes quite some time to do depending on what your requirements are – some things take an hour, others take days. The way most businesses/freelancers quote you is per hour, or how long it’s going to take them to complete your project.

To help you understand this, I’m going to break down the process for you. (This is just how most people in the industry do it when designing/developing a WordPress website, so it’s not necessarily all web designers’ processes or rates.)

The design and development process

Once we’ve finalized what you want for your website, you get your design draft/s. This is the phase where all changes regarding layout, content and look and feel are amended. Once the final draft is signed off (draft with final changes amended), that is what I will code/build/develop for you.

In the development process, we bring the design to life and make it interactive.  There is A LOT of back-end work here. It’s the small stuff you don’t see, like the setup of pages, creation of forms, coding of template files, installing and setting up plugins…

This process is the one that takes the longest. Your website back-end is like the foundation on which your house is built. A solid foundation with quality building material equals a house that won’t fall, a weak foundation with cheap, poor quality building material will cause your house to crack and eventually collapse. The same goes for websites – I kid you not!

Quality code? There is such a thing?

Oh yes, the better quality code you have, the faster your website will be, the smaller the risk of failure (I.E. a plugin or feature malfunction) and the more secure and reliable your website will be amongst other benefits…See where I am going with this?

What if my cousin’s friend’s brother can do it on the cheap-cheap?

Yes, you probably will find someone who is willing to do it for R500, but the quality website you are going to end up with is most likely not going to be the standard that you would have gotten if you went for a quality web designer or web developer. I’m not saying that this will always be the case, but do be cautious. R500 gets you roughly 1 hour of work (standards industry rates), and you can hardly get anything done in that hour, so do find out where the catch is before you confirm. We are professionals, trained in our field for years, you are paying for our knowledge to get the job done.

You will get the more expensive web designers and web developers, and they will have their reasons for asking what they ask such as experience etc, so it all comes down to what you are willing to pay, but what I am certain of is that those R500 jobs are a no go.

How do I know which business to choose to help me?

Another tip I can give you is to do your homework first. Look at what their branding looks like, look at their social media content, you can tell a lot about a business by just looking at that.

So is it really worth going cheaper? Absolutely not.

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